Welcome to FORTRESS: For Those Resisting Sexual Society. This is a site that is by, and for people who rejected sex for life, and for non-religious reasons, but anyone who is interested in understanding us is welcome.

We all reached the same conclusion of rejecting sex, but took different paths to get there. Some of us never had it, because we knew from an early age we never wanted to. Some of us used to have it for one reason or another, but decided to never have it again at a later point.

We also take a stand against sexual society, and its harmful expectations. With so much pressure to have sex, we need a refuge from that pressure, and are seeking others who feel the same way. We need our own resources on how to cope with living in the sexual world, but also how to create some meaningful change.

For more information on what we’re about, visit the About page. The main content will be in the Articles section, and on the blog. You can participate in discussions, and ongoing projects on the blog and on the forum.


A stronghold for those of us who chose life without sex for non-religious reasons